About Naidy Socio-Cultural Arts Foundation

Naidy foundation is a Socio-Cultural Arts non-profit organization that is registered/based in both Plantation, FL, USA and Cali, Colombia. We cover the native arts of our beautiful AfroPacific people, with emphasis in the field of traditional music such as Currulao. Grupo Naidy, the organization's musical group is well known in the Pacific region of Colombia for classics such as "El Bombo" and "Tumaco Lo Quemaron". We are available for workshops, classes and presentations on our AfroColombian music. In 2010, the group released its 4th album in the United States, a compilation consisting of songs of the first 2 albums released solely in Colombia. The organization also does social work in the community by donating clothes and items to needy AfroColombian families and displaced persons from the Pacific region within Colombia.