Info on the Colombian Pacific Coastal Region

Our Region, the Pacific coast, is in western Colombia

The Colombian Pacific coast is made up of 4 states (departamentos). The most Northern state is Choco:

To the south is Valle:

South of Valle is Cauca:

South of Cauca, the most southern state is NariƱo which is bordered by Ecuador:

Colombia is second only to Sudan in terms of its number of internally displaced people, with between two and four million internal refugees caught in the country's political riptides and often left to languish in slums and shanty towns. But in Cali, Colombia's third largest city, one group of women is forging a new path. The women are striving not only to fend for themselves, but to move beyond core survival and to express their new reality through their performance the theatre group 'Birds of Paradise'.

Docordo, Choco is a town that is historically Indigenous.It has now become a mixed town of Indigenous peoples and Black African descendants inhabiting it.Docordo is near Maky's birthplace of Charambira and he has Indigenous ancestors from Docordo. This is another example of the African and Indigenous peoples' connections in the Colombian Pacific coast. This video is of an Indigenous community in Docordo, Choco.