Grupo Naidy- The traditional music group

Grupo Naidy- led and founded by Irlando Lopez better known as Maky from Charambira, Choco in the north Pacific Colombian coast. Maky was influenced by the traditional music of the southern Pacific Colombian coast when he moved to the city of Cali in Valle del Cauca, Colombia at the age of 15. Maky started out as a dancer with Bogas del Pacifico, a group from Guapi, Cauca from the southern Pacific coast.

There he learned the musical styles of the southern Pacific and started learning the traditional percussion of the region. He then came to specialize in the percussion instruments of the region, known as 'bombos' and 'cununos'. He formed the group Grupo Naidy in 1997, with most of the members being from the southern Pacific, from the municipality of Guapi in Cauca. He was the only member from the northern Pacific and from Choco, however, he had studied and learned the rhythms of the southern Pacific with much love and passion. This love and passion for the music of the southern Pacific led him to excel his group, Grupo Naidy to win competitions such as Petronio Alvarez- a Pacific music festival in the city of Cali. These videos are of his group's performances: