African Diaspora and Africa Connections

Traditional African instrumentation by Delou Fatala

The Balafon played by Ibrahima a Guinean percussionist, is similar to the African instrument the Marimba that's played in the Southern Colombian Pacific coast in the states of Valle, Cauca, NariƱo and in the Northern Ecuadorian Pacific coast for traditional rhythms of Currulao, Bunde, Juga, Juga Grande, Patakore, Bereju, and more.This demonstrates how connected our Colombian Pacific coast is to its African roots and origins, and how it lives on through the folkloric music.

African dance by Delou Africa Dance Ensamble

Delou Africa and Delou Fatala is a traditional West African music and dance group. Instruments seen here are the dundun, balafon and shekere.

Maky on dundun, Ibrahima playing balafon, Njeri with shekere

George Echeverri- Interpreter and Cultural coordinator alongside of Maky and Ibrahima- African percussion players

Djembe player of Delou Fatala

Delou Africa musical ensemble performance in Hollywood Beach, FL